[gmx-users] Can i proceed with this warning?-"System has non-zero charge: 2.000002e+00"

Florian Haberl Florian.Haberl at chemie.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Mar 11 10:07:41 CET 2005

> When i run gromacs for a metal transport protein which has carbonate and Fe
> ions in it which it transports.  I have created .itp files for CO3, Fe  and
> added to the database (taking help from Dr. David). Now i face a new
> problem that when i use grompp to concatanate the parameter files with the
> .gro file it is issuing a warning "System has non-zero charge:
> 2.000002e+00"
> Can i proceed with this warning?
> Or what is wrong?
em should work, but for md in solution i would addsome counter ions

genion should solve this problem, replace 2 sol against Cl- or any other ion 
you want.

genion -s topol.tpr -n index.ndx -o out.gro -nname Cl -nn 2

Than you have to change your top file manuelly

in the bottom you got something like

FE				6
SOL			1000

than after

SOL			998
Cl				2

If you need t-couple you need also to add Cl than there.



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