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> Hi All User,
> Is there any standerd system size beyond which I should use PME (not
> Ewald) to aviod overhead in setting up grids and transform?

 In principle there is a break-even point because of the overhead
involved with PME. The PME method scales as NlogN compared with
Ewald as N^3/2 so PME prevails as you increase the number of charges N.
In practice the actual value of N where performance is equal is
 a) Small eg. <100
 b) Hard to generalize since it depends on many things including
    the accuracy required, the computer's architecture and the
    FFT code.

 Moreover, the Ewald implemented in Gromacs will have a much lower
or nonexistent break-even point because it is neither parallelized
nor is it optimized for the selection of Ewald parameter (and therefore
scales as N^2).

 Long story short, use PME even with only two charges, unless you
don't care about performance. Probably the reason why Ewald is included
is for debugging the FFT-MPI stuff.


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