[gmx-users] linux cluster performance

Alok alokjain at iitk.ac.in
Mon May 2 17:25:10 CEST 2005

Hi Gromaxians,
                          sorry for unrelated question.
My lab is going to purchase a Linux Cluster and we have a couple of 
queries regarding the cluser.

1) We have heard about "XEON Based cluster".Can anyone shed some light 
into this form of the cluster and how it differs from a more 
conventional  PCB(Personel Computer Based) Linux Cluster. Which of the 
two would be a better option under normal circumstances???

2) The other query is regarding the scaling i.e.speed wise performance 
of the cluster. We heard that after a certain no of nodes increment ( 
say upto 8-10), the performance (speed) of the cluster is not greatly 
effected  or the speed performance of the cluster reaches a plateau even 
if we increase the number of nodes.
           If so is the case, would it be sensible to go for say *a two 
different 8 node cluster instead of a say  one 16 node cluster.*

I will be thankfull if some one suggest  somthing regarding the above 
mentioned issues.

Alok Jain

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