[gmx-users] Trajectory Problem

Jian Zou zouj01 at mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Thu May 19 12:00:44 CEST 2005

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"T.A.Wassenaar" <T.A.Wassenaar at rug.nl> wrote:
> Hi Jian Zou,
> If you need velocities or forces, without the high
> precision and without the large .trr files, try to modify
> trjconv.c to write a .xtc trajectory containing either the
> positions or the velocities or the forces. This is a
> trivial addition if you know a bit of C.
> Hope it helps,
> Tsjerk

Thanks for your advice.

And because I do not care about information of the water and the ion much, I 
prefer to use trjconv with -n index and -force option to generate a new trr 
file for my protein and/or nucleic acids only.


If I name a molecule in my itp file with the same word for some atomtype or 
residue name, e.g. "ADE", will this cause some conflict?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Jian Zou

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