[gmx-users] What's the best software to use: cut and past receptor and ligand

Kai Zhuang kai.zhuang at gmail.com
Wed May 25 22:39:52 CEST 2005

Dear gmx-users list folks:

I'm trying to model a receptor and ligand system.  the receptor is
really huge and the idea
right now is to only model a part of the receptor (as in cut off the
irrelavent domains and focus on the binding domain).   the receptor
and ligands are in two seperate pdb files.

what's the softwares or some ways i can do the editing to put two into
the same file close to eachother as well as deleting the part of the
receptor tht's unwanted?
i've tried text edit it and that ended horriblly because i can't
manage the cordinates.

Kai Zhuang
BioMedical Engineering @ University of Toronto
kai dot zhuang at gmail dot com
kai.zhuang at gmail.com

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