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"Jim (Rui) Qiao" <ruiqiao at gmail.com> wrote:Dear gmx-users:
I have two somewhat stupid questions regarding the dual-core processor on Linux, could some one shed some light on it?
Question 1: Does the dual core means we effectively have two CPU on one machine? i.e., If run two separate jobs on a dual core machine, does it equivalent to running these two jobs on two separate machines? (assume the memory cost, and disk writing is not an issue). 
Yes. equivalent. But advantage of dual-core is 1) cost (AMD's implementation is excellent.) in terms of motherboard, networking. 2) running parallel jobs. If all your job is single-run, dual core will not be effective in shortening run time (but shortening total run time for more than one job).
Question 2: Does the old RedHat 9.0 support the dual core technique? It appears to me that dual core machine is fairly new thing. If RH9.0 is not good, what Linux distribution should a gromacs user go for?
dual-core shall be recognized as SMP. I think that RH9 gives you the option to use SMP or non-SMP kernel during boot. Choose SMP kernel.
There is no preferred Linux. As gromacs' performance is mainly kernel-independent. If you do md+analysis on the same computer, then you need a comprehensive distribution. Fedora Core 4 or CentOS 4, I recommend. Just install everything.
Thank you very much for your input.
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