[gmx-users] simple stuff!

nancy gerits nancyg at fagmed.uit.no
Fri Oct 21 15:46:09 CEST 2005


> I'm trying to learn how to use gromacs as well as linux.
> Why is it everytime I want to do simple things like copy or edit a file, I
> can't because I get an error stating that either 'only root can do that' or
> 'permission denied' , even though I am the owner of that file? What do I
> need to do?
what about your permissions :
you can find that out by typing "ls-lh" at the prompt ..
there you see different permissions for different users or groups
r = read; w=write, x = execute..

if you want to change it type "chmod +w" (if you want to write to that 
file,... and so on) or chmod +wxr (if you have no permissions)

good luck
Nancy .

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