[gmx-users] About EWD3DC in Gromacs 3.3 Beta (9.9.2005)

Janne Hirvi janne.hirvi at joensuu.fi
Wed Sep 21 11:51:05 CEST 2005


I installed Gromacs version dated on 9.9.2005 and looked at code ewald_util.c,
which was corrected by Berk Hess from the version 3.2. I am not programmer so I
don't quite get the meaning of fr->epsilon_r, but even I think how hard I
fit these equations of dipole_coeff to those in article of Yeh and Berkowitz.

For case EWD3D:

dipole_coeff = 2*M_PI*ONE_4PI_EPS0/((2*epsilon_surface + fr->epsilon_r)*vol);

dipole_coeff = 2*M_PI*ONE_4PI_EPS0/((2*epsilon_surface + 1)*vol);


for case EWD3DC:

dipole_coeff = 2*M_PI*(ONE_4PI_EPS0/fr->epsilon_r)/vol;

dipole_coeff = 2*M_PI*ONE_4PI_EPS0/vol;

I can't get original publication of Smith, so the last one might be for vacuum
case or should it really be independent from permittivity. However equations
from the article of Yeh and Berkowitz equal to the code of version 3.2, which
had some other errors (if I understood right). 

Thanks for any comments! 


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