[gmx-users] Reg LAM version to use

Yang Ye leafyoung81-group at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 09:28:51 CEST 2006

raja wrote:
> Dear Mr.Yang Ye,
>      I asked this question since I want to save some time, and use those
>      time for my real research in gromacs. 
> I already installed the latest version of LAM in cygwin. I am having
> problem in lambooting , which I am trying to resolve using LAM user
> list. In that juncture I dont want to have version incompatiability with
> gromacs3.3.1 when everything get smooth with LAM.
> You see, I am dedicating more time for these installation and
> configuring issues rather than really doing any research in my MD.
> Please give me proper answer.
Hi, Raja

If you would like to mention about "time", sorry to say that your mail 
is "wasting" many people's time on this list. We are just offering our 
advices with the limit of our experience.

If the mail is about something we did before, we are kind to answer it. 
If the mail is about some thing we never tried, we may spend time in 
paying our time and resources in looking it up. This is how many mailing 
list works. The mailing list relies on everyone's input from his 
experience. If you go ahead to try LAM on cygwin with GROMACS, you are 
most welcomed to contribute your experience here.

Also, research work is not only about getting the result. System 
building is also part of the training. The different proportion of 
"Introduction", "Methodology", "Results" in a paper is a good indicator 
for the work you shall allocate.

To con't from my last mail, I would like to add this: GROMACS is not 
sensitive to LAM version while LAM on cygwin is another story.

Yang Ye

> With regards ,
> B.Nataraj
> On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 14:09:10 +0800, "Yang Ye"
> <leafyoung81-group at yahoo.com> said:
>> raja wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>>     In GROMACS website, it is explicitly stated that LAM-7.0.6-5 as the
>>>     version for MPI option. Should I stick on the version of lam stated
>>>     in gromacs webpage or can I use the latest version of LAM-7.1.2.
>>>     Will it make any difference for MPI enabled gromacs-3.3.1 ?
>>> With thanks!
>>> B.Nataraj
>> try and you know.
>> Yang Ye
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