[gmx-users] run gromacs on a single machine with mutiple CPUs

David van der Spoel spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
Thu Dec 21 09:51:17 CET 2006

Yang Ye wrote:
> normally we use following commands when compiling gromacs
> ./configure ... --program_suffix=_mpi --enable-mpi ...
> So we will have mdrun_mpi in the end.
> The usage of mdrun_mpi is the same as mdrun but -np, -replex and other 
> switches are activated.
> That statement on the user manual is to clarify that you don't need 
> MPI-enabled mdrun to run on a multiprocessor machine. But if you want to 
> tap the capability of the multiprocessor machine, you need to use MPI 
> and use mdrun_mpi
As Erik stated, different MPI implementations have different standards 
for starting jobs. The comment in the manual is probably a remnant from 
an old SGI MPI implementation. I will remove the comment.

Otherwise, a little trial and error and man XXX usually does the job...

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