[gmx-users] segnentation fault in drug_enzyme_tutorial

Robert Kretschmer robert.kretschmer at freenet.de
Fri Dec 22 20:52:25 CET 2006

Dear all,

I'm new at gromacs. I try to do the Drug Enzyme tutorial on Suse Linux 10.0 (AMD Athlon 1900+) and Gromacs 3.3.1. Fftw3 is also installed!
Everything is Ok until this command: nohup mdrun -s trp_md.tpr -o trp_md.trr -c trp_pmd.pdb -g md.log -e md.edr &

That ends abnormally with a segementation fault. I find in the mailinglist a problem witch look like my problem, but it isn't.

can anybody help me

thanks, kind regards and merry christmas

robert kretschmer

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