[gmx-users] RNA compatiable FF in GROMACS3.3

Mark Abraham Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
Fri Feb 3 05:48:04 CET 2006

raja wrote:
> Dear Mr.Yang Ye and other GMXIONs,
> Thank for your mail...I downloaded AMBER forcefild package from
> folding at HOME site. I unpacked and put amber99 forcefield files inside
> the top folder and tried to run it. Once again it showed simillar error
> in pdb2gmx run. as 
> Fatel error in .rtp file... What I should do now ?
> Please let me what are all the recessary prerequiste to use pdb2gmx for
> a RNA pdb file using AMBER99 force field in

You need to edit FF.dat to add the new forcefield so the -ff pdb2gmx 
flag works.


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