[gmx-users] compiling an old gmx version under cygwin

Mark Abraham mark.abraham at anu.edu.au
Sat Jul 8 02:46:47 CEST 2006

> I recently installed a hacked version of gmx 3.0 under cygwin (yes, I know
> 3.0 is ancient, but I'm using it in this case because of some extra
> functionality that this hacked version has).  configure informed me
> "cannot
> find -lnsl" and "WARNING: RPC/XDR libraries not found - disabling xtc".  I
> didn't think much of it because I think of xtc as being a way to store
> more
> compact (in terms of file size) position files and the system I'm looking
> at
> with 3.0 is relatively small.  However, I had failed to appreciate that
> another advantage of xtc files is that they are portable.
> I gather that cygwin doesn't have libnsl.  Of course, more recent versions
> of gmx compile fine under cygwin.  Is there any practical way for me to
> get
> xtc working for gmx 3.0 under cygwin?

Unless you can find a cygwin package (use your cygwin installer again), or
the source code to install it yourself, I daresay you can't solve this.
nsl stands for Network Services Library, but this sort of thing is likely
hardware-specific and thus you may struggle to find anything useful.

Time to get a linux box ;-)


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