[gmx-users] Sun T1000's, multi-core, hyper-threaded

Roger Hall rahall2 at ualr.edu
Fri Mar 10 21:21:50 CET 2006



I am planning to buy a set of boxes for an MPI cluster very soon, and I
really like the idea of Sun's T1000's, which have 8-core chips, each of
which has 4 hyper-threads, for a total of 32 simultaneous threads per box. I
have read the many recommendations for dual-core Opterons, but these Sun
boxes are pretty new, and I'm not sure if anyone has had the chance to try
them out yet. I didn't see any previous emails about them specifically. I am
hoping that someone might be able to interpolate possible performance from
an Opteron to the Sun T1 chip.


The crux of my question is this: with 8 gigs of memory to support 32
threads, how well will GROMACS run? Will I be limited to an atom-space that
fits in (8/32=) 256 megs of memory? 


Incidentally, I plan to buy 6-8 of these boxes.


There is a T2000 box which supports up to 16 gigs of memory - but it costs
twice as much. :}


Any advice appreciated!




Roger Hall

Technical Director

MidSouth Bioinformatics Center

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

(501) 569-8074


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