[gmx-users] Problems with pdb2gmx and grompp

Eduardo Martins Lopes edumlopes at yahoo.com.br
Thu May 4 22:14:12 CEST 2006

Greetings fellows, after i successfully installed the gromacs I had some success simulating simple systems but when it comes to a DPPC bilayer, i got the "old" DPP or DPPC residue not found in library.
  I did a deep research at the users list but none of the sugestions worked for me.
  To start playing around with Gromacs, I got the Prof. Tielman's DPPC.pdb, lipid.itp, dppc.itp, example2.top . I also got the benchmark files to try it out. Also got the modified ffG43a2x and every other modified force fields files I could find.
  Always having the very same problem using pdb2gmx (in order to generate the .ndx, .gro and .top files), it complained about not finding neither DPP nor DPPC in the residues library. To solve this problem I tried many things like:
  1- I hacked the ffG43a2.itp inserting #include lipid.itp and dppc.itp but no improvements achieved
  2 - Insert the lipid.itp data into ffG43a2.rtp file. The message changed to problem with .rtp file at line (nothing else)
  3 - Removed the bad data of the .rtp file and then I modified the .hdb file but the message changed back to  DPP (DPPC) residue not found in library
  4 - I renamed the entire set of ffG43a2x files to ffG43a2 (backing up the old files) but the error messaged came back to the rtp. file problem.
  I found many many replies for this very same problem, but as I said, none of them could help me.
  After giving up on pdb2gmx, I went back to the benchmark files and tried to work with it (as I read on one of the list messages). I just modified the .top (DPPC 1) to fit my system. As you may noticed, i simplified my old system to 1 molecule.
  I had the same problem on pdb2gmx. But i went forward and tried to generate  the .tpr file using grompp. This is the error:
  "Fatal error:
number of coordinates in coordinate file (/home/debora/dppc/1dppcH.gro, 50)
             does not match topology (/home/debora/dppc/1dppcH.top, 0)"
  I went to http://davapc1.bioch.dundee.ac.uk/prodrg/ and inserted my pdb file there...I used the .gro, .top and the .pdb file (with H's) there and tried to generate the .tpr file...I got the sabe "not matching" error 
  "Fatal error:
number of coordinates in coordinate file (/home/debora/dppc/1dppcH.gro, 50)
             does not match topology (/home/debora/dppc/1dppcH.top, 0)"
  I really appreciate any hint on what should I do.
  Thanks in advance.
  Eduardo Martins Lopes
  Undergratuate Student at Universidade Federal de São Carlos UFSCar  - SP Brazil 

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