[gmx-users] intel compiler + amd64: help needed.

Jones de Andrade johannesrs at gmail.com
Wed May 31 19:16:30 CEST 2006

Hi David.

Thanks a lot. But almost there. first, coulsave is already n "int" type

int vdwsave,coulsave,read_from_mem,write_to_mem; (line 294)

So, the change from:




Was pointless, and unfortunatelly yelded the same crash. Unfortunatelly,
fortran addicted (seems that its more than time to try a few other things,
tastes and sensations out...), so I don't know how to write the new
declaration line.

Just in advance: if I search in the file for the coulsave, I found those two
lines AND the following:


Am I wrong, or does it means that coulsave is used as both (if yes, how hell
someone could compile it in first place? :P and even get extra performance!)
as we fear?

Thanks a lot in advance for everything.


On 5/31/06, David Mathog <mathog at caltech.edu> wrote:
> > mknb_innerloop.c(362): warning #188: enumerated type mixed with
> another type
> >                         mknb_func.coul=coulsave;
> >                                       ^
> I don't have the most recent source code on my machine,
> but the way around this may be to use an explicit cast.
> Assuming that coulsave is the enumerated type and mknob_func.coul
> is an int then:
>            mknb_func.coul = (int) coulsave;
> will probably shut the compiler up.  If mknb_func.coul is
> enumerated and coulsave is an int you will probably have
> to change the type of coulsave to the same enumerated type
> wherever it is declared.  Hopefully the code doesn't use coulsave
> as both an int and an enumerated type, if it does the compiler
> will probably let you know :-).
> Regards,
> David Mathog
> mathog at caltech.edu
> Manager, Sequence Analysis Facility, Biology Division, Caltech
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