[gmx-users] Compile Gromacs for Blue Gene/L

Eric Jakobsson jake at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 6 23:15:47 CEST 2007

Not a direct response but a thought:  Wouldn't it be wonderful to 
have a code that combined the best qualities of Gromacs and Blue 
Matter?  Is it possible to assemble a group or community of people to do that?

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>We are bringing a one rack (1024 node) IBM Blue Gene/L system 
>online. I've been tasked with compiling Gromacs for the Blue Gene. 
>We have the XL compilers installed (blrts_xlc / mpixlc, etc), so 
>I'll be using those rather than GNU.
>Has anyone on here successfully cross compiled Gromacs for use on 
>BG/L and if so, would you mind sharing your ./configure command options?
>This will be the first real application that I've compiled for Blue 
>Gene, so I'd like to check with the group before I jump in :-)
>Thanks, Mike
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