[gmx-users] Leaving users list

Fernando Mattio mattiofer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 23:16:58 CET 2007

Dear Gromacs administrators,
As I am not using anymore the Gromacs program I would kindly ask not to
receive the messages from the users-forum in my mail list, in other words to
leave gromacs users list. I have finished my internship in which I used
Gromacs and in the moment I am studying in the university in order
to achieve my bachelor degree.
I would like to thank you all once again for the help that I received while
using this forum. It may happens that I will be back in the future to this
list, who knows...
Thank you once again very much for the atention, I wish you all sucess in
your projects using this great Gromacs software.
Best regards,
Fernando Mattio
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