[gmx-users] MANPATH setting in GMXRC.bash

Ignacio Fernández Galván jellby at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 17 11:06:26 CET 2007

--- Ansgar Esztermann <aeszter at gwdg.de> wrote:

> > settings, I lose the standard directories searched by "man", i.e.,
> > typing "man bash" says "command not found". Without sourcing
> That does not seem to be a MANPATH problem but rather a PATH problem:
> searching for an unknown man page yields "No manual entry" rather
> than
> "Command not found" -- the latter happens if the command "man" itself
> is not found.

O, gosh!... I wrote it from the top of my head and made a stupid
mistake. The actual message is, of course, "No manual entry for bash",
and it's fixed by "export MANPATH=:$MANPATH".

> > GMXRC.bash, it works, and so it does if I add an empty string to
> > MANPATH (prefixing a colon, for instance).
> Did you compile Gromacs for yourself, or is it included with
> Mandriva?
> If you compiled it for yourself, where did you install, i.e. what
> --prefix did you give to configure?

I compiled it myself, I didn't write any explicit --prefix, so
config.log says it's --prefix=/usr (gromacs is installed in
/usr/local/gromacs). Instead of just "make install", I used
"checkinstall", which does the same, but builds an rpm package.

I don't know if it works differently for other versions of man/bash,
but in my case, if MANPATH is empty, changing it to something else
without adding an empty string is not nice.


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