[gmx-users] Re: gmx-users Digest, Vol 39, Issue 37

taveechai taveecharoenkool taweehui at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 09:12:02 CEST 2007

Dear Mark and Gromacs users,
 Thanks but for do_dssp i also used xxx.pdb file which
do_dssp program should be ended for a few minutes but
it doesn't. It seems like it won't end.
 And because i 'm afraid i cannot use do_dssp in
Gromacs, i tried to convert dssp file to xpm or any
format that i can see as picture or table. 
1.is there any program to convert dssp file to picture
2. do_dssp in Gromacs, if the program seem to never
end..... even i think i  declare variable as
suggestion in manual correctly.... how to do to get
picture dssp file?
thanks a lot  

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