[gmx-users] editconf -translate help

Shayla Fitzsimmons SH630115 at DAL.CA
Sun Jun 24 05:50:56 CEST 2007

I have a box which contains a slab of carbon (solid) that is centered within the
box.  However, I want the slab to be at the very right side of the box - I know
I must use editconf -translate to do this, however I cannot seem to make it

The slab is centered has the same height and width (y and z coordinates) of the
box, however it is one third of the length (the x coordinate).  Graphically, at
the moment, it looks like this:
|       xxxxxxx       |
|       xxxxxxx       |

Where 'xxxxxx' is my slab (that is how the view comes up when I open the file in

The dimensions of the box (as listed in the .gro file) are 13.90030 4.02160

As I previously said, I want the slab to be on the right side of the box, not
the center, however I have tried several different things and it does not seem
to want to work for me (however, I am unsure if I am using the proper values
for -translate).

What X Y Z coordinates should I use for this to translate it?


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