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> Subject: [gmx-users] .GRO and .TOP files editing
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> I have a polymer molecule (non-protein).
> Therefore I could not use pdb2gmx and I tried to use PRODRG, but it could
> process only small molecule.
> I was suggested to run PRODRG with small molecule and manually stich the top
> file.
> Therefore I used a small molecule and obtained the .gro and .top files.
> Now,
> I have no clue how to stich this .top file.
> Shouldn't I also make a .gro file on my own to proceed further ?

I sugest to use awk or some other text manipulation utility to build
coordinates and the topology manually

> Is there any other alternative (other than PRODRG) to make these two files
> or
> Is there any software package/tool for file stitching?
> Thanks,
> Karthikeyan

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