[gmx-users] glibc error with g_density (only for some cases)

Arun kumar arun.target at gmail.com
Fri May 18 07:38:37 CEST 2007

Dear gmx-users,
                        I want to discuss and understand about an
error I am getting only at times.... I am simulating a DPPC double
bilayer phase(got the coordinates from Dr Tieleman's website). I used
genbox  -cs to get double bilayer. Then i started simulations

When I use   g_density -b 500  I get the following error

*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid next size (normal):
0x0000000000713260 *** Aborted

It is giving a empty density.xvg file

I get same error if I use g_density -b 1000
I checked the reproducibility of the error...... I am getting it
always(I mean I am using g_density once again again,,,,, Not
simulating the system once again again)

But when I use g_density -b 1500 or more I am getting densities normally.....
Actually  i am doing simulations at 4 different temperatures..... But
I am getting the error only for three temperatures.... For one
temperature Every thing is fine......
Gromacs version I am using is : 3.3.1
I checked the archives and in google.... I found a similar error in
archives for make_ndx

After checking in google I came to know that its a common bug with
glibc package of different versions.....  Now i want to know is there
anything wrong in my simulations(possibilities) and also how I can rid
of these errors.........

Thanks and Regards
Arun kumar.V
M.E Chemical, IISc

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