[gmx-users] Specified frame doesn't exist or file not seekable

Sonali sonalipriyadarshini at gmail.com
Thu May 24 10:27:10 CEST 2007

hi everybody,
i have run simulation with gromacs for 10,00,000 iterations and have
obtained all the specified output .xvg files
while comparing and analysing the potential energy .xvg fil eand rms .xvg
file i found that thare is minimal fluctuation between the range og 1870 to
1925 ps  now while trying to obtain an average running structure using the
tool g_covar in between this range i am getting the following error,

Calculating the average structure ...
Reading frame       0 time    0.000
Program g_covar_mpi, VERSION 3.3.1
Source code file: trxio.c, line: 635

Fatal error:
Specified frame doesn't exist or file not seekable

any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
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