[gmx-users] install problem on IBM powerpc AIX 5.3

Mark Abraham mark.abraham at anu.edu.au
Thu Oct 18 08:38:00 CEST 2007

> Hi, thanks for the time
> I asked my administrator, he told me that there was no mpicc installed on
> p575, the fore mentioned mpcc was the MPI c compiler, but he is not very
> familiar with the AIX OS either, and I will try to explain my problem more
> clearly:
> a. configure --enable-mpi --prefix=/hpc/gmxmpi
> I got a error message: "checking whether the MPI cc command works...
> configure: error: Cannot compile and link MPI code with mpc"
> b. export MPICC=/usr/bin/mpcc
>     configure --enable-mpi --prefix=/hpc/gmxmpi
> I got the same error message as (1)

You need an MPI C compiler. Find out its name. I'd expect b) to work if
you use the right name. Otherwise try ./configure --enable-mpi

> c. configure --enable-mpi=/usr/bin/mpcc --prefix=/hpc/gmxmpc

"--enable-mpi=/usr/bin/mpcc" isn't recognized. Read ./configure --help


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