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Bruce Ray brucedray at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 21:54:38 CET 2008

--- Shozeb Haider <shozeb.haider at pharmacy.ac.uk>

> I am trying to use AMBCONV. However, it gives me a
> segmentation fault 
> when I try to run it. I have seen that other users
> have posted a similar 
> problem with the program on the mailing list. It
> seems to me that 
> AMBCONV only uses older Amber formats. I have even
> generated that using 
> set default oldprmtopformat on command. However I
> get the same 
> segmentation fault. One user (David Evans) have
> mentioned that
> "You can generate these from new format files using
> a utility in the amber package, but they will have
> an extra (7th) digit
> on the fouth line which will cause ambconv to
> crash."
> Does any one know what he means by the extra (7th)
> digit on the fourth line. Which file is he referring
> to ? The prmtop or the rst ? 
> Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

I had problems with ambconv as well.  I attach here a
set of changes I made in the ambconv code that got it
to run for me without segmentation faults.

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