[gmx-users] GromacsGUI 0.5.2 is available.

Reza Salari resal81 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 03:07:36 CET 2008

Dear GROMACS users,

As you may know, GromacsGUI is a simple GUI for GROMACS which provide a
working desk for it. I have tried to provide tools that one may need when
working with GROMACS, all in one place: file management, file editing,
interfaces for commands, xvg viewer, mdp editor and manual viewer. In near
future I will add trajectory viewer too. Features currently are:

1. File browsing and management with customizable right-click pop up menu.
2. Graphical interfaces for GROMACS commands (currently 21 commands have
their own interfaces).
3. Plot drawing tool which can export plots to pdf.
4. A simple built-in console.
5. Built-in GROMACS manual viewer.
6. Built-in file editor with syntax highlighting for some GROMACS file
formats (currently only mdp format is supported).
7. MDP Writer section to easily create your mdp files.
8. File icons based on their types.

It is available here:

I know it is not too much, but, I tried to provide something useful to the
community. I am just a medical student who is exploring computational
molecular dynamics, so if you find GromacsGUI useful, I appreciate you if
help me to improve it by giving your feedback about bugs, problems and your

Reza Salari
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