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Dear Dr. Lemkul,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes I am referring to GROMOS forcefield. So how should i treat my partial charges. 
Kindly advice.

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Quoting nahren manuel <meetnahren at yahoo.com>:

> Dear Gromacs Users,
> 1. I calculated the partial charges of my ligand using QM. Since GROMACS
> ignores the non-polar hydrogen, is it a good approximation to include the
> charges as it is from QM method to my ligand heavy atoms ?.

Gromacs does no such thing!  What you're referring to is the *Gromos* force
field, which is an entirely separate idea.

There are all-atom force fields for use with Gromacs - OPLS, Amber, and even
CHARMM, if you're adventurous :-)  What you need to be concerned with is
whether or not these QM charges and methodology are compatible with your force
field of choice.

> 2.  should i adjust that partial charges , If so how to do the same?

See above.


> regards,
> nahren


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