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For such issues we have the gmx-users list. Please post questions
there (subscribe if you haven't already done so). Actually, you can
find the answer in the archives of this list. Flattery will bring you
nowhere (well, at least it will keep me gentle in my reply ;))
Advantages of the user list include: direct access to the combined
knowledge of all active participants on the list and archiving of
questions and answers for others to benefit from.


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Date: 2008/7/30
Subject: Assistance
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Dear Tsjerk
I'm a new gmx-user ,and simulating a P450 structure. I know you are an
expert in gmx.

I have a problem with pdb2gmx simulating a iron-sulfur bond. In the
pdb file heme-Fe atom is covalently bonded to Cys-S atom. However,
after pdb2gmx the Fe-S bond is broken and a new bond S-H is formed. Is
it possible to allow that bond Fe-S is not broken in pdb2gmx? And how?

Thank you very much!



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