[gmx-users] Where to find the debugged versions of gromacs ?

Mark Abraham Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
Mon Nov 17 12:46:55 CET 2008

rashmi_chem at iitb.ac.in wrote:
> Hi,
> I use Gromacs for protein folding studies. I was going through the
> existing bugs listed for different versions of gromacs in bugzilla, and
> found that many have been resolved. My question is where do i find these
> bug resolved Gromacs versions?
> For example in version 3.3.3, there is a bug listed about the segmentation
> fault related to program g_anaeig. when this bug is removed where do you
> put the debugged version? which site or ftp?

If a bug is resolved on bugzilla, then the fixed version would almost 
certainly be in the next code release. It would be in the CVS version 
before that release if you were to need access to the fix. (See GROMACS 
website or wiki.) However one should not routinely use a CVS version 
without carefully inspecting the change logs and bug statuses, lest 
there be some new bug introduced by the other work going on around the 
time you got your CVS version.

If you really need some fix, then work out how to apply just the CVS 
changes pertinent to your fix. If you don't need a fix for some known 
issue relevant to your simulation, then don't worry about it until you do!


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