[gmx-users] prolems on viewing .trr file by vmd

Hongyan Xiao hyxiao at mail.ipc.ac.cn
Tue Apr 14 10:37:37 CEST 2009

Dear gmx-users,
When I viewed the md trajactory (*.trr) of oil/water/oil system using VMD, I 
found the trajactories are  abnormal and as if there were forces on the 
molecules. However, these molecules are very far. The whole simulation is 
normal. How to solve this problem and obtain the normal trajactory moving?
By the way, when I deal with *.gro, I used  this command editconf -f 
test.pdb -o test.gro -c in order to make oil/water/oil system not turn into 
oil/water system. I do not know whether it effects the following viewing 
trajactory moving.
 I hope for your help. Thank you very much!
H.Y. Xiao     

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