[gmx-users] say something about the pull geometry of cylinder

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z-axis is the length of the cylinder, parallel to the straight sides.
x-y is in the plane of the circle cross section of the cylinder.

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	Hi ,
	 I can not fully understand the picture of parameter of pull
geometry of cylinder.  
	Who can say something about it, Thanks in advance.
	 Thanks in advance.
	pull geometry
	Designed for pulling with respect to a layer  where the
reference COM is given by a local cylindrical part of the reference
	The pulling is in the direction of pull vec,which should have
only a z-component. 
	From the reference group a cylinder is selected for determining
the COM, with the axis given by the x/y location of the group to be
pulled and two radii. 
	The radius pull r1 gives the radius within which all the
relative weights are one, between pull r1 and pull r0 the weights are
switched to zero.  Mass weighting is also used.


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