[gmx-users] desciption of ffG43a1bon.itp

subarna thakur thakur.subarna at yahoo.co.in
Mon Aug 3 07:56:05 CEST 2009

In the file ffG43a1bon.itp, the bond parameters are given like this-
ICB(H)[N] CB[N] B0[N]
#define gb_1 0.     1000 1.5700e+07
; H - OA        750 
#define gb_2 0.     1000 1.8700e+07
; H - N (all)     895 
#define gb_3 0.    1090  1.2300e+07
; HC - C        700 
Can anybody please tell me, which one is is the force constant and which one is ideal bond length. For describing a new bond parameters , what the values 
I have to provide in the file ffG43a1bon.itp.
The ffG43a1bon.itp is not clearly described in the chapter5 of the manual of gromacs version4.

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