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albitauro at virgilio.it albitauro at virgilio.it
Thu Dec 3 15:16:28 CET 2009

In my previous e-mail I was not clear enough...
extracting x and y values from xpm is easy and it is also easy to extract the density informations since they are represented 
by letters and for each of them a corresponding value of the number density is given at the beginning of the file.
In my file I have 2000 values for the x and 2000 for the y and I got correctly 4000000 values for the density . However I don't understand how they are organized in the file. The first 2000 lines should be associated to the first value of the x and varying values of the y (2000 values) or is it the opposite or something else?
Thank you


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Ogg: [gmx-users] g_densmap and xpm files

 Hi all.
I have a question about xpm files produced by g_densmap.
I would like, if possible, to extract information in numerical format, such as
for example a single txt file with three columns 'x y density' for all the points on the grid chosen.
These should be the information which are contained inside the xpm file but I cannot understand
how to extract them. Any suggestion?
Thank you for your help,



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