[gmx-users] New ion parameters and OPLS-AA

Reza Salari resal81 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 22:06:37 CET 2009

Hi All,

Recently there has been a new set of ion parameters published by Joung and Chetham and I am interested in running some test runs using these parameters. These set of parameters are based on using LB rule (arithmetic mean) for sigmas.

However I am using OPLS-AA ff so I am using the combination rule 3 (geometric mean of corresponding A and B values). My question is that can I use the exact sigma values from Cheatham for my simulations? I'm almost positive that I have to change these sigma values to be consistent with the combination rule that I am using. In fact there is a paper by Horinek et al that has a nice table of different ionic sigma and epsilon values from different parameter sets (Aqvist, Jensen, Cheatham,..). The article is here:

In that table, they have mentioned two sigmas; a usual sigma (which is used with rule 2) and a sigma prime (which can be used with rule 3). However it seems sort of unclear to me how they got these value since in some references that they've mentioned I could find either sigma or sigma prime, not both. So I am guessing there must be some way to convert these two sigmas to each other.

So does anyone know if there is such way? Does GROMACS internally treats sigmas as "sigma prime" for OPLS-AA? I looked at the manual and also searched the mailing list to find an explanation but without luck. I really appreciate any help on clarifying this.

Reza Salari
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