[gmx-users] RE:RE: One question about Domain decomposition

xuji xuji at home.ipe.ac.cn
Tue Feb 17 08:19:47 CET 2009


Thank you for your reply, Berk. I mean that every node has 
the topology of the whole system. Originally I thought every 
node has the positions and other properties(information in my 
last e-mail) of the atoms. I made a mistake obviously. 
But now, I don't know how do you store the information of the 
atoms. How do you orgnize the local home atoms and atoms 
which communicated from neighbour nodes? I think the charge 
groups' indices are not continuous in one local node, so I
cann't understand the way you store the atoms' information.
Can you explain to me in detail? Or give me a sketch map of
your method? 

Thank you!

        xuji at home.ipe.ac.cn

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