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jimkress_58 jimkress_58 at kressworks.org
Mon Jul 27 16:44:33 CEST 2009

If you are using a vanilla RedHat system, the yum method will work.
However, if you are using a prepackaged clustering environment (like ROCKS)
you may break it.

All you nee to know to install grace is the location of the headers and
libraries for Lesstiff.  You then supply them to grace as a part of the
./configure command and things should go smoothly.

It's unfortunate the person who wrote and maintains grace is unwilling to
provide this information to the people that want to use grace.  However, you
can't stop people from being jerks.  That's why I'd prefer gromacs use a
different plotting package like gnuplot.


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hi alli'm facing  alot of trouble in installing grace in my redhat machine.
its always complaining about Motiff API.. ive installed Lesstiff but even
afetr that grace is not getting installed....i can't make out how to install
it? is there any problem in the path? should i've to set path before grace
install. i've gone through several pages about grace installation but with
no effect.ac anyone pls tell me how to install Grace in Fedora of Redhat?
thanking you all


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