[gmx-users] What method (algorimth) is used to calculate volume of a protein?

mhviet at ifpan.edu.pl mhviet at ifpan.edu.pl
Tue Jun 30 00:36:06 CEST 2009

Hi everybody,

I used "g_sas" command in Gromacs4.0.3 to calculate volume of a protein. I
read Gromacs4_manual and found information on internet to understand
method(algorithm) used in Gromacs to calculate volume of a protein (or a
system consisting of water and protein). But I can not find the solution.
I think the method bases on Voronoi construction, but I am not sure. Can
you tell me what method(algorithm) is used in Gromacs4 to calculate the
Thank you in advance.

Best wish,


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