[gmx-users] gtkmm Code Demos?

Stephen P. Molnar s.molnar at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 14 00:36:59 CET 2009

Thank you for your response to my most recet post.  I did compile 
without the --enable-shared and got the same result.

Mark Abraham wrote:
> Stephen P. Molnar wrote:
>> The demo to which I was referring is 
>> /sdb5/Applications/gromacs/share/gromacs/tutor/gmxdemo (sorry about 
>> that, it was a direct result of my memory)
>> The configure command line that I used was "configure 
>> --prefix=/sdb5/Applications/gromacs 
>> --exec-prefix=/sdb5/Applications/gromacs --enable-shared" and  
>> searching the configure .log does not come up with gtkmm.  I rather 
>> wonder why gtkmm was invoked by the compilation process.
> Since gtkmm relates to widget-style display, and the only part of 
> GROMACS that uses X is ngmx (which is used by gmxdemo) then my best 
> suggestion is that you've got some mangled X environment that didn't 
> link properly. Perhaps you can confirm that from the output of gmxdemo 
> and the point at which it fails. You should also try configure without 
> --enable-shared, since it might be a linking problem.
> You can also configure GROMACS --without-x, but that will mean gmxdemo 
> can't run correctly.
> Mark
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