[gmx-users] how to make whole trajectory Pdb files

Bhawana Gupta bhawana.gupta2010 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 07:42:29 CET 2009

Hello Everyone,

Pls tell me after doing simulation, which command should i use ,so that i
can get all the pdb files of whole trajectory.
I know the command where i can get one pdb file at a time,
trjconv -f *_vac_md_1ns.xtc -s *_vac_md_1ns.tpr -dt 20 -b 0 -e 300 -o
trjconv -f *_vac_md_1ns.xtc -s *_vac_md_1ns.tpr -o *_vac_md_1ns_dump_300.pdb
-dump 300
This command will give me pdb file for 300ps file where my total simulation
is for 1 ns.
 but how to get whole pdb files for the simulation of 1ns where my dt=0.2
This is a very silly problem.
But Please help me out.

With Regards
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