[gmx-users] Re: Re: Flat energy profile in g_wha

alexander yakovenko yakovenko_a at ukr.net
Mon Aug 30 18:57:58 CEST 2010

Sorry for poor explanations.  
My histogram is here   http://picasawe  b.google.ca/117  558205101329348  732/G_wham#5511  244561053627250 it was 12 ns per window run.  
  alexander yakovenko wrote:  
> Hi Justin!  
> Thank you for replay. My histogram (can send if required) consists of 13  
> windows (0.1 and 0.2nm sampling) and look like two peaks (with  
> amplitudes 3-4e+2) separated with a valley of 1.2-1.5e+2 (my protein has  
> two sub-domains so should be OK) and smallest overlap between windows is  
I don't understand this description. How can 13 windows produce only two peaks?      
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