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Hans HEINDL hheindl at
Thu Jan 21 17:54:12 CET 2010

Hola Deisy,

I have used the implicit solvent which is built into mdrun-openmm. It works
well: but there are some setbacks:
1. As far as I know it has only been tested with the amber 99 forcefield
port for mdrun-openmm. (see )
and there is no easy way to do a position restraint in mdrun-openmm. I have
compared the results of mdrun-openmm using the amber99 ff
to a simulation suing sander and the results look well at a first glance


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        Hi everyone!!!
        Can I use implicit solvent in a MD simulations on gromacs?
        How can I do it?
        Thanks for your help!!!

        Deisy Y. Rodriguez S.
        Practicante de Computos Avanzados
        Grupo de Investigacion en Fisicoquimica Teorica y Experimental
        Tel. 6344000  ext. 2792
        Universidad Industrial de Santander

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