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Nataraj B (ORLL-Biotech) nataraj at orchidpharma.com
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Before trying for "do_dssp" a gromacs utility calling dssp program , try first dssp program itself  by passing simple input like pdb and I hope by that way you can resolve your problem
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After posting this mail I did some google search and after changing the executible name to dssp I moved it in /usr/local/bin/ After this when I did do_dssp it starts running asks to select a group I choose main chain 5, then it generates some intermediate file and gives error as segmentation fault. I though this problem was because of the executible in /usr/local/bin/ and rest of file in another directory say /home/shahid/software/dssp/. For this first I set the path in ~/.bascrc as DSSP=/home/shahid/software/dssp/DsspCmbi. I tried to run do_dssp I got the same intermediate file generated backing up the previous one. Then I moved all the files of dssp directory to /usr/local/bin/ and then tried to run do_dssp I am in the same situation. 
waiting for your help
shahid nayeem

On 5/18/10, Justin A. Lemkul < jalemkul at vt.edu> wrote: 

shahid nayeem wrote:
Dear All
I downloaded dsspcmbi.tar.gz, and compiled  using command
./DsspCompileGCC as given in Readme.txt file. when I try to run
do_dssp command in gromacs I get error

Well, what happened?

Fatal error:
DSSP executable (/usr/local/bin/dssp) does not exist (use setenv DSSP)

I checked for DSSP executible in /usr/local/bin/ and I couldnt find. I

It won't be there unless you put it there and you have re-named it.  I believe the default name of the dssp program is "dsspcmbi," which you need to change when you move the executable.


even tried dsspcmbi.zip file but again I got the same error. I
compiled dssp as root. Now what shoul I do in order to run do_dssp
comand of gromacs.
Shahid nayeem


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