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Chandan Choudhury iitdckc at gmail.com
Sun May 30 18:13:54 CEST 2010

Hello all !!

I was playing around with template.c and stuck in a problem.
In the program inside the do loop i.e;

 /* This is the main loop over frames */
  do {
    /* coordinates are available in the vector fr.x
     * you can find this and all other structures in
     * the types directory under the gromacs include dir.
     * Note how flags determines wheter to read x/v/f!
printf ("%8.3f\n", fr.time);
 if (fr.time == (4000.000 + (50.0 * inc)))
        printf ("test");
        for (ra=0; ra<i;ra++)

        } inc ++;

      }while (read_next_frame(status,&fr));

The 1st printf statement do prints the frame time. While the 2nd printf
inside  the if loop doesnt print any thing, meaning that the if condition is
not being satisfied. I want to execute the statements under if loop after
each 50 ps time.

Can some point out what wrong am I doing.


Chandan kumar Choudhury
NCL, Pune
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