[gmx-users] How to create an rtp file for a lipid?

"Dr. Ramón Garduño-Juárez" ramon at fis.unam.mx
Thu Jan 20 17:44:10 CET 2011

Dear All:

I am trying to build a lipid bilayer made of DMPC 
(Dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine) surrounding a putative membrane 
channel. Everything goes well until I come across with the use of 
pdb2gmx and further on to the use of gromp, where I realized that I need 
to add some information about DMPC, information that is supposed to be 
in the rtp format.

I have no idea how to build such rtp file for DMPC. I have read and 
practiced with all tutorials about the construction of lipid bilayer 
with GROMACS. I have also read the relevant information about rtp files 
in the GROMACS Manual. However, I still cannot figure out how to do this.

I will appreciate very much any help provided. I am stuck and would like 
to learn how to create an rtp file from scratch, which I am sure I need 
to do more than once during this project...

Much obliged,
Ramon Garduno
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