[gmx-users] Voronoi tessellation

francesca.stanzione at unina.it francesca.stanzione at unina.it
Mon Jul 18 20:57:58 CEST 2011

   Hi all,

   Is my first time with phospholipids and I have questions about the  
Voronoi tessellation. I made a simulation of membrane with the  
insertion of fatty acids. Now I wanna calculate the 2D-Voronoi, but I  
don't know how can I make it. Do I need to choice some atoms? What  
kind of atoms? I need to check the xy coordinates of these atoms from  
the average structure or for each picosecond? If someone can explain  
me this analysis I'll  appreciate, in alternative, could you suggest  
me a good article able to help me with this analyses? Thanx, Francesca
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