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battistia at libero.it battistia at libero.it
Fri May 6 09:22:56 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I'm trying install do_dssp on my pc.I followed the steps indicated in the page:
>> 1.step-root at ab-desktop:/path-dsspcmbi.tar.gz/# tar xvzf dsspcmbi.tar.gz
>> 2.step-root at ab-desktop:/path-dsspcmbi.tar.gz/dssp#./DsspCompileGCC
>> 3.step-root at ab-desktop:/path-dsspcmbi.tar.gz/dssp# cp dsspcmbi dssp
>> 4.step-root at ab-desktop:/path-dsspcmbi.tar.gz/dssp# mv dssp /usr/local/bin
and the program work well.
Now my question:How the program use the file that I downloaded from the web-page:http://swift.cmbi.ru.nl/gv/dssp/   using the indicated instruction? (I found this page from http://www.gromacs.org/Developer_Zone/Programming_Guide/DSSP)

rsync -avz rsync://rsync.cmbi.ru.nl/dssp/ /path_to_dssp/

The link  rsync://rsync.cmbi.ru.nl/dssp/  is one of the best  database to calculate the angle into the secondary structures and so to define that, isn't it?

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