[gmx-users] how can I get the .top file??

Kiwoong Kim kimkw at sogang.ac.kr
Wed Oct 26 09:36:15 CEST 2011

Dear members of gromacs

Let you know that I'm a beginner of Gromacs.

I am trying to simulate the diffusion problem on some zeolite structure. (especially ZSM-22)

>From the manual, I knew that the three files are required to get the .tpr input file.

I got the .pdb file of my concerned zeolite (zsm-22) but it is  impossible to get .top file by using the pdb2gmx because the .pdb file  is just coornate file.

Therefore, my question is how can I get the .top file??

I already tried the g_x2top -f zeo.pdb -o out.top -ff oplsaa 

but errors were shown 

"Can not find forcefield for atom ~~~~"

please let me know how to do it....


Kiwoong, Kim.
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