[gmx-users] regarding micelle and its analysis

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Additionally, you need to be careful with the PBC when using g_gyrate, as if part of the micelle is split across it, then the radius provided will be wrong.

If you have 3 micelles, then you will have to generate an index file with a group for the molecules/atoms within each of the micelles, then pass each group to g_gyrate separately to get the radius for each micelle.

>From what you have written you have calculated the radius of gyration of all of the surfactant molecules within your simulation, which is more than likely not what you want.

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On 11/04/2012 3:48 PM, priya thiyagarajan wrote:
hello sir,

i am studying about micelle formation of surfactants. i performed my run for 10ns.. when i visualize my final md pdb file i got around 2 to 3 micelles.

my doubt is while performing analysis , g_gyrate giving a value of around 3nm..

this value corresponds to which micelle..

None of them. It corresponds to the group you told g_gyrate to analyse. See g_gyrate -h. Since you haven't told us which group you told g_gyrate to use, you've forced me to guess that you told it to work on all your surfactant molecules. If you'd given a full description of what you'd done, then you'd be more likely to have people wanting and able to help you, and thus be more likely to get useful help. Anyway, g_gyrate can't guess that you want it to look at some magic subsets of the whole system. You have to define the subsets, e.g. with g_select, and only then can g_gyrate compute properties on them.


how its calculating this value..

please help me with your answer..

i am so confused with my analysis..

thanking you,

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