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Dear Prof.

Thank you very much from your response.
OK, I use from g_gyrate for all of radius, but I still don't understand that what thing did they use in their articles for root-mean-square distance because they compared this quantity with quantity of obtained from gyration!!!

Thank you again.
Best Regards

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dina dusti wrote:
> Dear Prof.
> Thank you very much from your response.
> He answer me that I should use from g_gyration for radius of micelle, but what should I do for hydrocarbon (dry) core or calculation of inner core of micelle (i.e. the first of carbon on tail of surfactant with COM of micelle)?

Use g_gyrate, with a custom index group that contains the atoms of interest.  If you're interested in the radius of the hydrocarbon atoms, make that an index group and perform the analysis on it.


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